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Sylvia is Christchurch born and bred, and before becoming a midwife worked as a chef and a baker. She believes that

  • midwifery is grounded in the principles of health and well being
  • childbirth is an instinctive natural life process
  • partnership with the woman and her whanau throughout her pregnancy and birth involves mutual respect, communication, and trust.

Sylvia and her partner have six children between them. As the mother of three Maori children (of Ngati Porou descent) Sylvia has empathy and understanding for Maori Tikanga and has also studied Te Reo Maori. Sylvia feels confident working with women from all cultural backgrounds and enjoys their diversity and knowledge.

Her own childbirth experiences have been varied, from clinical emergency to normal birth, so she really understands the unpredictability of birth and the choices women can face. Always calm and dependable, Sylvia believes the women who do require medical intervention during birthing deserve the same support and admiration as women who don’t. She would like all her clients to feel empowered and at peace with their experiences of birth.

Sylvia will listen, encourage, support and provide you with the information you need to make the right choices for you. She is happy to support you in whatever birthing environment you feel comfortable with, whether at home, in one of the primary units or at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.


Sylvia believes childbirth is a whanau affair, and loves to encourage other family members, especially children, to be involved. She believes having a baby is a natural and holistic process, and that we can all learn from one another.

When Sylvia is not working she still enjoys baking, running, going for walks with her family. She loves reading and spending time in the garden especially doing her veges! A glass of wine at the end of the day is never turned down either.

You can also find Sylvia at Garden City Midwives for friendly, supportive midwifery care in Christchurch.

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